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Forzieri : The Brand and You!

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Sector and Product Focus : Unique Italian made jewelry and apparell.

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Program Features

  • Network: Linkshare UK
  • Cookie Tracking (Return Days): 90
  • Commission 12% on all orders.
  • Threshold : $0
  • Customer Actions : Unlimited within Cookie Tracking Period
  • Two Tier : No
  • DataFeeds : Yes, via Linkshare and also external
  • Coupons : Yes
  • Network Premier Partner Status : Yes
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Product Focus :

Exclusive Italian Apparel and Jewelry from emerging designers including Antica Murrina Veneziana Zoppini, Masini, DeMajo, Coccinelle, Julia Cocco', Billionaire as well as the established classics such as Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Zoppini and over 180 more. Bags, wallets, ties, watches, jewelry, gifts, pens, corporate office, home design and much more. shopper who is also likely to purchase from Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue; her style is unique, and she doesn't want to be caught with the same handbag as her best friend, mother-in-law or any other random fashionista she meets on the high-street.

Quote: 'Forzieri is becoming the smart alternative to big guys like Saks or Neimans'

From a popular fashion blogger (Manolo)

Program Overview :

Forzieri's core business and strength is on emerging designers and all things exclusive, Italian made. Our products succeed with those affluent audiences looking for unique styles that can't be found anywhere else. All products are sourced directly from the designers in Italy where they're all made and we offer them at the Italian price. Many times we are able offer products 2-3 months in advance before they go in the stores. Styles are all 'In Season' from the very latest collections.

Many UK sites feature older collections and we have found NO competitor able to keep up with all the new designs we're adding daily.

We do carry a limited number of the infamous Italian designer brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Versace and Prada etc, but they're really just 'add ons' to the exclusive selection we are proud to bring our customers. When promoting Forzieri keep in mind that you / we have no competitors when you choose to promote our products from emerging designers than the mass-produced high-street brands mentioned above. You are offering your visitors a product they will be hard pushed to find any where else… an exclusive. That is Forzieri's strength.

During the 3 years that amwso has managed the program conversion has jumped from around 1-in-500 to 1-in-every-80 visitors to the site, resulting in a 250% increase in affiliate revenue. This resulted in Forzieri being nominated for the LinkShare 2006 Golden Link Awards "Best International Merchant".

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Awards :

  • Nominated for LinkShare 2006 Golden Link Awards "Best International Merchant"
  • Nominated for LinkShare 2005 Golden Link Awards "Innovative Merchant"

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